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L'Oreal Professional is a famous brand today. Тhis trading mark suggests unique solutions for exclusive hair look even for the most particular women of all ages. This is a French trademark, which embodies French chic and elegance.


You can find products from L'Oreal Professional in world known beauty salons, as all women are different and each of them is unique.


These high quality products allow your hairdresser demonstrate high professionalism. New achievements from L’Oreal Professional and exceptional qualification level of our professionals allow you to realize all your fantasies. L`oreal suggests you profeesional collection for hair care.  Since 1964 the brand Kerastase has been creating remedies for hair care based on best formulas and products. The brand Kerastase stands as a leader among other brands in cosmetics market. Kerastase`s production gave a rise to the a series of innovations which include components, which help to meet all the requirement brough by hair nature.


Summer heat, winter cold, both drizzly autumn mornings and inspiring spring full of love! We make you wonderful throughout all seasons. Taking care of your hair, don`t forget that the beauty can not be reached by damaging your hair health. This how we treat beauty in “Lila SPA”. Male and female, children`s haircuts, evening hairdressing, wedding and everyday beauty – all this makes the smallest part of what we can offer you in "Lila SPA". Moreover, we can choose hair treatment individually for your hair. We never fall behind of innovations.





Staining small strands of hair, or hair weave, gives the effect of sun`s beams in hair, emphasizes the texture and free falling. Hair seems thicker and more luxuriant. With the highlighting you can cover early graying.


Hair tinting


Toning, opposed to highlighting or bleaching of hair is a much more gentle treatment. Color covers  the hair only from outside and will be washed off after 4 or 8 weeks. When tinting gray hair is colored without any difficulties, if it is not more than 50% of the hair. You can lighten your hair for 3 tones or make darker, all depends on desire.


Hair coloring


This procedure can make your hair extra shine, make it more lively and attractive, and add elegancy, in case you want to be extravagant, we know all your means to achieve it.


CHI is one of the most innovative brands in beauty industry. Stylists of many famous people from worldover use this cosmetics.


Feel the amazing procedure "SPA OLIVA" only once and you`ll realize that your chance to use the cosmetics of your dreams has come. All CHI`s products contain silk as its foundation which helps your hair to be more valuable and useful.


Hair treatment


Aqua Oleum is an innovation by  L’Oreal Professional, the effect of which will be seen at your hair at once. Excellent source of nutrition for dry and sensitive hair. After the first use Aqua Oleum makes your hair look absolutely new way.


  •  Substance becomes soft, silky and light
  •  Shining hair from root to tip
  •  Amazing easiness of combing


Kerastase recommends you a care - massage against hair loss:


  •  Nutritive - nutrition for dry and sensitive hair.
  •  Oleo-Relax - for unruly dry hair Oleo Relax.
  •  Reflection - for colored hair.
  •  Specifique - special care (dandruff, hair loss, fat)