SPA Manicure - Pedicure

  • SPA manicure
  • Sea SPA pedicure
  • Hot and cold paraffin for hands and feet

SPA manicure

A present-day`s person needs some cosmetic substances to achieve psychic equanimity and harmony, which are often disturbed by crazy rhythm of life, stresses and tiredness.


SPA manicure gives you an ideal possibility to care for your hands. All this procedure is intended for you to relax during it, to rest completely and get a mass of positive sensations and emotions.




SPA – care about feet – is a unique procedure, in which interlaces the medicine and the aestethics. Besides solving such utilitarian problems, like plantar callosities or ingrown nails, you are relaxing with the help of an expert`s hands and specific atmosphere of  SPA room.


Here you`ll enjoy meditative music or sounds of nature, exquisite aromas оf precious oils and perfumes, the weak light of candles and beautiful white flowers. Affording SPA - pedicure, it`s so easy to feel yourself an Indian princess, a daughter of mysterious wild jungle or a tourist on an exotic resort, and even Cleopatra.


Shortly, the atmosphere disposes to different fantasies, increasing the bliss many times. The regular influence of SPA - cosmetic substances with your good mood, strengthening their effect, will make your feet more and more beautiful and you`ll become more and more satisfied with your life.