Capsule (SPA JET)

Close your eyes, feel a weak sway and feel the touch of hot water on your body. New capsule “SPA - Jet” acts on the level of your subconsciousness. You`ll feel as safe as in womb. Feeling of safety and calmness helps you quickly achieve a complete relaxation. The capsule is unique as it creates a specific microclimate with 11 nature therapefthic influences.


The main programs the capsule works with allow to improve your figure, detoxicate your organism, to make your skin better, lift flabby skin, help you to relax completely, take off stresses and syndrome of chronic tiredness, restore biorhytms.


Grape seasoned perfection

The famous wing word: “The wine is the elixir of youth” that has been handed to us from ancient times, nowadays has found sound scientific justifications. The wine slows down the aging process and has anticancer and antioxidant effects.


Chocolate paradise

It includes the chocolate flavor created by the cocktail of about 40 volatile compounds. The chocolate applied on the skin, melts on its surface. It takes away the irritation, brings peace and spiritual balance.

Vitamin therapy “Apple orchard”

The rich multi-component apple extract ensures its exceptional biological value. It relaxes and serves as resilient. It cleans and whitens the skin, smoothens and tones it up.

Guam – modelling and outlines

The Guam complex includes only brown algae, which are healing herbs and are successfully utilized in medicine and cosmetics. It is recommended for preventive measures and for healing cellulite, for shaping the body and cutting extra weight, and for flabbiness of the skin. It cleans the body from toxins, decomposes adipose tissue, and has drainage effects.