An elixir of youth and a brilliant way of relexation – that`s how everybody calls massage. And not in vain. Delicate rulers of the East and mighty kings were fond of it. So, we treasure it even more than our forefathers, because the tactile insufficiency has become a diagnosis of our rash time. Massage is considered to be the classic method in antistress therapy. That`s why almost all SPA salons suggest it to their clients in many different forms and combinations. Especially because the rightly chosen technique of massages besides resting and ridding of stresses helps to make an osteochondrosis pain disappear  and even overcome cellulite or better your figure at all.


But the main advantage of SPA is that a masseur, or to be more exact a SPAtechnologist is not only a professional in the sphere of manual therapy, but also an artist, a creator, who can make pain disappear, rid you of tiredness, create a new external appearence for you and to help you to achieve your inner harmony. Oils, stones, soap and honey are faithful assistants of a SPA - technologist… So, what do you have to chose?






Ayurvedic massage is a brilliant method for a complete relaxation, mostly because of indian aromathic oils. With the help of them biologically active substances are able to deeply penetrate into skin. Aromathic massage is also a very pleasant procedure. It includes the elements of Chinese, Thai and ayurvedic massages. It is based on a doctrine about energy meridians and biologically active spots on body. Elegant aromas of etheric oils in combination with relaxing music will  make you feel wonderful and harmonic.



One more thing
which is necessary for lovers of high heels, is a feet massage. It strengthens muscles and ligaments of feet vaults. It can be as well a cracking addition to a massage as an independent procedure, which allows to win stress and neurosis excitement, to arrange neural system by influencing on reflect spots of your feet. By the way, the methods of fighting with cellulite in SPA salon are very different. One of the most popular methods is the anticellulite massage with honey. Unique qualities of honey are traditionally used by Tibetan healers. It also adsorbs toxins and stimulate their quick extraction from the organism. As a result you get improved lymph flow and more elastic skin.


Who needs traditional Thai massage? You, if your body is screaming: «Touch me!», «Strech me!», «Tighten me!», «Understand me!», «Listen to me!», «Calm me down!», «Heal me!». We often don`t hear these appeals and that`s why don`t satisfy them. This type of massage implies a contact on energy level. Such kind of contact is an important part of happy, harmonious life, which nowadays can be reached very difficultly. Ancient technique of Thai massage, which includes elements of yoga, reflexology, accupressure. Your backspone straightens up, tension disappears, the ability of joints increases. You sense the flexibilty of your body and feel unusually strong.


Indian philosophy “Seven chakras”

  •   The Abhyang`s massage
  •   Ayurvedic massage (balance and harmony)



It`s a wonderful relaxing procedure. Warm oil continuously flows on your forehead. Shirodhara drives you into a condition, close to trans, exciting a blast of pleasant emotions. Takes place opening and softening of face and forehead, relaxation of mimic musculature. You`ll get your face but now without a mark of negative emotions and stress.