Injection methods of skin rejuvenation


Boundary plastique is an injection of different fillers, which are consist of biotechnological and hyaluronic acid of different purification efficiency and counterbracing, which ensure its more continuous process of staying in derma. Injected intracutaneously or subcutaneously preparations staying along in derma and, changing it structure, forms carcass. Consequently a volume under skinfold becoming fill, skin becoming smooth, ensuring instant visual and prolonged rejuvenate effect. In our centre only certificated, approved by Public Health Ministry of Russian federation, showed itself to good advantage preparations are used: RESTYLANE, PERLANE, JUVIDERM, SURGIDERM,






Injections of these preparations eliminate:

  • small mimic wrinkles around eyes
  • vertical wrinkles above labrum
  • horizontal forehead wrinkles and vertical wrinkles on bridge of the nose
  • nasolabial wrinkles
  • also these preparations are used for extension of lips volum 

as other hyaluronic preparations is injected in skin with fine needles. Working as natural “filler”, RESTYLANE add to skin necessary volume in “problem zones”, smooth over wrinkles, folds, reticle of face. So far as hyaluronic acid is natural skin filler, its molecules are resolving with the lapse of time. Steady effect and result of RESTYLANE’S injections is preserving from 6 to 8 months.




is a preparation from RESTYLANE’S family. It is a more solid consistency gel. PERLANE resolving much slowly and therefore it is not necessary to repeat the procedure earlier than 1-1, 5 year.



is a gel on basis of reticular hyaluronic acid of viscous and homoseneous consistence. This preparation has a highest concentration of hyaluronic acid and even so possessed with all advantages as an agent for face boundary plastique. Skin’s beauty and youth is preserving from 6 to 8 months after JUVIDERM’S injections.



is a gel on basis of stabilized biotechnological hyaluronic acid. Preparation is characterized with high concentration of hyaluronic acid till 24 mm per 1g. Steady result is preserving till 12 month.



Mesotherapy - is an injection mode, based on intracutaneous and subcutaneous injection of minimum doze of drug or different with vitamins, added homeopathic, biostimulated and regenerated preparations. Mesotherapy mode has a centuries-old history, great number of theoretical substantiations and is one of the effective for solution of medical and aesthetic tasks spectrum.

Preparation’s selection is carry on with a glance of mesotheropatic cocktail application and subject to the problem.

It is used:
Allopathic pharmacological vitamins, minerals:
Face mesotherapy (embryoblast, NCTF)
Scalp mesotherapy (embryoblast, NCTF)
Face and decollete mesotherapy (embryoblast, NCTF)

Amino acids:

Lypolitics (fat- soluble, lypolysis)
Double basic
Slim body
Cellu Form (3ml)
Cellu Form (5ml)
Cellu Form (10ml)
Cellu Form (30ml)

Vascular preparations:

Biological (emryoblast, hyaluronic acid)

Hyaluronic acids:
Hyaluform 1%
Hyaluform 1,8 %
Hyaluform 1% (biorevitilizant)

Lifting mesotherapy:

Complex plus
Gag complex
DMAE complex plus caviar

Age-related skin changes:

Skin flabbiness
“crow’s feet” around eyes
Skin dead (dull) color
Vascular spiders
xerosis and dry skin
Pigment spot

Dermotological diseases:
Acne (comedone)
Focal dermatoses

Indications for procedure:

By means of mesotherapy it is possible to resolve many different aesthetic problems:
Correction of figure
Brace elimination
Treatment of acne;
Scars, pigmentations.
Baggy skin below eyes
Cellulitis, local obesity (jodhpurs, belly)
Skin aging (prevention and treatment)
Fatty and porous skin
Loss of hair
Skin atony
Dewlap and etc.

Contradiction to mesotherapy conduction:

Allergy or individual itolerance of any cocktail’s component
Autoimmune diseases
Pregnancy and lactation period
Blood coagulation pathology (haemophilia, thrombocytopenia)
Cardiovascular system diseases
Artificial heart pacemaker
Epilepsy, neurosis
Exacerbation stage herpes
Combination with laser polishing, deep chemical piling and dermoabrasion

Skin nourishment and skin color improvement
Skin cells recovery and regeneration
Correction of figure
Cellulitis treatment