People always had problems with the skin. In youth - pimples and acne, in adulthood - wrinkles and pigmentation spots. And even those who are "always young” and “good-looking”, find a reason to go to a cosmetologist because skin care is fashionable, prestigious, and pleasant.
Recent research in cosmetology proves that if you pick up the right techniques and products for the season and age, it will be possible to regulate metabolic processes in the skin and the maximum delay of the symptoms of aging.
Cosmetology is a unique scientific concept, which is strictly individual for each type of skin!



O2ptimal Oxygenating Mask with vitamin C

This procedure ensures effective oxygenation of tissues and is necessary for normal inflow of oxidation-reduction reactions in the cells. The mask ensures sufficient amount of oxygen, whitens hyper-pigmented area, lightens the skin and efficiently smoothens it. The vitamin C diminishes wrinkles and smoothens the skin, stimulating the restoration of cells.

RS2 Rosacea Treatment

The active components used in the procedure are healing and anti-adipose. They decrease he inflow of blood to the skin and are vasoconstrictors. They cooling and soften the skin preventing depressions.

Luminous “C” & “Sea” Mask

The main components slow down the aging of skin and ensure instant lifting. They restore and increase the elasticity of face skin, and smoothen wrinkles. The result of this procedure is obvious and amazing at the same time, and the only way it can be described is: “Luminous and shiny”.

Plantomer Lift-off Mask

The mask with a unique composition of active ingredients encompasses the best of the sea. It instantly softens, slims, heals and cools the skin providing an obvious and lasting lifting.

Extra-class lightening treatment

This professional procedure helps to solve problems related to hyper pigmentation, by influencing processes in deeper skin layers, normalizing melanogenis. It moisturizes the skin, restores its color and texture. It weakens the intensity of pigment spots.

Myoxy Caviar treatment mask with black roe extract

The black roe has been listed in the most effective anti-age ingredients since ancient times. It preserves elasticity and flexibility of the skin, activates and regenerates the health and breathing of cells.


  • Profound cleaning of fatty skin
  • Profound cleaning of dry skin
  • Profound cleaning of sensitive skin
  • Disencrustation and saponification
  • Oxygenic mask O2ptimal
  • Face, neck and decollete massage


De-stress eye treatment
The unique professional procedure with the use of cry collagen intensively hydrates, tones up and strengthens the skin. It smoothens the wrinkles and ensures instant and lasting lifting.

Extra Class De-stress eye treatment eye wrinkles

The procedure aims at clearing the wrinkles, toning up the skin and moisturizing the skin around eyes. It normalizes the microcirculation and prevents the formation of dark circles under eyes emerging from stress and fatigue. It ensures instant and lasting lifting effect right after the first procedure.

Algae masks for face and chest.

These masks relax the skin, remove hydraulic fluids, smoothens wrinkles, moisturizes and regeneration of skin, fosters the epidermal barrier, whitens and provides lifting.

  • Algae mask for "Bioage" for face/chest
  • Algae whitening mask for the face
  • Algae mask with spiruline for face/chest
  • Algae chocolate mask anti-stress for face



Ultrasonic cleaning of the skin cleans the skin with ultrasound, which allows to deeply cleanse the skin from pollution, keratinized cells, sebum, plugging of the sebaceous glands, and comedones. This kind of cleaning is painless and, unlike a mechanical way, leaves no visible marks on the skin; redness and swelling. Ultrasonic cleaning is used both on the face and on the shoulders and back.  

  • Vacuum
  • Ultrasound
  • Back cleaning

Mediderma (glycolic pilling for the back)

  • Pilling 70%
  • Almond pilling

Peeling is one of the most common methods of non-surgical facial rejuvenation, décolleté, hands and other parts of the body.
Chemical peeling is performed with fruit and AHA- acids, TCA-acids and retinoic acid. During the procedure different concentrations of acids are being used, which allows both easy peeling for constant maintenance of skin tone and deep peeling.  It eliminates the effects of acne and makes the skin look younger in the most effective way.

  • Types of chemical peeling:
  • Translated from English "peel", from which we have the term “peeling”, means the process of removing the top layer. In simple terms - peeling removes the old rough skin and activates the regeneration process of the new one. Acids that are included in  the drugs used during the procedure, provide a deep exfoliation of several layers of dead skin cells, which promotes rejuvenation of the skin, improves skin tone and elasticity.
  • In depth exposure the chemical peeling is divided into surface, middle and deep:
  • By the surface chemical peeling only horn cells of the epidermis are peeled, that is why it is considered to be the most gentle exfoliation method.

Immediately after the procedure there may be a slight redness, which will go away itself in a few hours. To perform the surface chemical peeling alfahydro acids are used: a group of substances derived from various fruits, and is therefore sometimes called fruit acids. The group also includes: malic, citric, pyruvic, lactic and glycolic acids. The most widely used one is glycolic acid due to its low molecular weight.

Glycolic acid is included in a group of acids that are present in fruits in wine, sour milk, citrus, etc. Glycolic acids have various concentrations. For each patient, depending on skin type, sensitivity to acid, concentration and exposure time are selected individually. Glycolic peeling is a new method of skin rejuvenation and improvement, which gives tangible results in the fight against wrinkles, flabby skin, acne and blotches on the skin.

  • Middle peeling affects the deeper layers of the epidermis. For its implementation trichloroacetic acid is used. Middle peeling is used to smooth wrinkles and reduce the flabbiness of the skin. This procedure helps to cope with acne scars. Moreover this type of peeling tightens enlarged pores and reduces the greasiness of the skin. This procedure can also remove dark spots.


Anti age procedures


Thanks to high concentrations of glycolic acid, the skin can be considerably improved. The glycolic acid instantly penetrates deep into the skin, hinders adipose processes and assists in smoothening wrinkles and effective removal of pigments. The method ensures an amazing lifting, regeneration and skin whitening results.

  • Glycolic pilling 20%/50%/70% (Filorga)
  • Mezotherapy (face/body)

Age cutting and regeneration from Filorga


Cryolift is a physiotherapeutic method, which improves the penetrability of the skin and ensures that active substances penetrate into its deep layers. The method ensures stabile age cutting, rehabilitating result and extends the effect of mezotherapeutic procedures.

Today among the new anti-aging therapies, Cryolifting is becoming more and more popular. Experts in the field of aesthetic medicine believe that cryotherapy, that is, cold treatment, still remains one of the safest and physiological treatment methods.


Cryotherapy is an effective method of skin rejuvenation. What is the principle of this method? This method is based on the reaction of the vessels on the decreasing of the temperature. Cold to the skin causes reflex vasoconstriction. After the vasoconstriction the vessels start to expand and various biologically active substances start to come out.

Vasodilation makes the skin more permeable and allows a better penetration of active substances. Here cold plays a role of a current in iontophoresis, i.e., helps the active substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis.

To maximize the therapeutic effect of the procedures of cryotherapy Laboratoires Filorga developed a new noninvasive mesotherapy cocktail NCTF-135. Now it is possible to get the effects of a cocktail NCTF-135 without injections, which is particularly important for the patients with the contraindications to mesotherapy.  The formula of NCTF-135 repeats the component structure of the skin cells and in addition includes 12 vitamins. The cocktail is made for preventing and treating aging, oily skin, for rehabilitation after surgery, mechanical, chemical, laser abrasion of the skin, scalp treatment, etc. The gel NCTF-135 is a basic tool for the procedure of Cryotherapy.

Depending on the treatment program, it must be mixed with Elastin (the gel in the "Lifting" program), Collagen (the gel in the "Moisturizing" program and DNA - and in "Regeneration” program).


  • Moisturizing with collagen
  • Lifting with elastin
  • Regeneration with DNA
  • Ampoules "Embriolift" (Instant lifting)
  • Ampoules "Retinol" (Deep smoothening)