LPG is one of the most modern methods to fight with different aesthetic problems of skin. In our centre the procedure is being performed with the apparatus Keymodule Cellu M6The uniqueness of the procedure, called LPG endermology, consists in giving a solution to several problems at the same time after having it, which are: fight with cellulite, superfluous fatty sediments, edema of tissue and flabiness of skin. It`s possible to effect the basic components of pathogeny progressing of superplus mass in hypodermic fatty cellular tissue with the help of endermology.



The mechanism of it is based on complex influence, which forms from malaxing connecting and fatty tissues`s with self-propelled rollers, vibration and vacuum aspiration (do not mix up with vacuum massage, here vacuum is only an additional factor, which is nesessary for capturing the fold of working maniple). The procedure is being done over special suit that a patient is putting on. The whole body is being worked up, accenting problematic fields. The procedure lasts 35 minutes.


Endermologies (LPG) effectively train the skin and the soft tissues, stopping the general processes of aging. Endermology stimulates skin cells and allows to recover the elasticity and the flexibility of skin.  It is a not surgical methodology, which makes possible to reduce the skin flap for 20-40%.




The specific character of endermology LPG consists in the fact that one procedure is able to solve the whole spectrum of problems concerning the aesthetics of skin – cellulite cure, edema elimination, decrease of fatty tissue, modeling figure outlines, stregthening and decrease of extended and flabby area.