Body procedures seem to be the most pleasant ones: nice warmth, nature exotic ingredients and complete relaxation will make you feel heavenly blis and delight. You skin will become really attractive. Highly qualified specialists of “Lila SPA” centre will help you to totally plunge into this relaxation. They will suggest you various procedures for body: envelopments in SPA - capsule, envelopments in thermo-blanket, LPG massages and other.

Cosmetology represents discipline, which combines apparatus methodic, knowledge of doctors, innovative technologies to control exchange processes in skin and delay aging.


Cosmetlogy is a science which totally answers the question: “How to make people healthy and beautiful?”. The aim of cometology lies in reaching health and harmonic condition for every human being. Cosmetology is targeted to achieve good mood, mental harmony and easiness.


The question "What shall I do with my head?" for women is actual throughout all seasons of the year. Hair makes a very crucial part of anyone`s image, which can play the modictate mood.


SPA Pedicure - feels like walking into the heavan


SPA – care about feet – is a unique procedure, in which medicine and the aestethics are combined. Problems like plantar callosities or ingrown nails are easily being solved. Besides you will relax with the help of an expert`s hands and specific atmosphere of  SPA room. Here you`ll enjoy meditative music or sounds of nature, exquisite aromas оf precious oils and perfumes, beautiful white flowers and special aura brought by light of candles.



SPA - pedicure will make you feel like an Indian princess, a daughter of mysterious wild jungle or a tourist on an exotic resort, and even Cleopatra. Shortly, the atmosphere disposes to different fantasies, which increasee the bliss for many times. The regular influence of SPA - remedies with your good mood, strengthening their effect, will make your feet more and more beautiful and you`ll become even more satisfied with your life. A present-day`s person needs some cosmetic substacnce to achieve mental equanimity and harmony, which are often disturbed by crazy rhythm of life, stresses and tiredness.


SPA - manicure gives you an ideal possibility to provide a special care for your hands. This procedure is intended to to relax, to have a complete rest and get a mass of positive sensations and emotions.


SPA - Massages


An elixir of youth and a brilliant way to cheer up – that`s how everybody calls massage. This has its right reasons. Delicate rulers of the East and mighty kings were fond of it. So, we value it even more than our forefathers, because the tactile insufficiency has become a diagnosis of our rash time. Massage is considered to be the classic method in antistress therapy. That`s why almost all SPA salons suggest it to their clients in many different forms and combinations. Especially because the correctly chosen technique of massages besides helps to fight an osteochondrosis pain and even overcome cellulite or better your figure at all.