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SPA - philosophy of life


Phylosophy of “Lila SPA” is the express - rest, maximal relaxation and recovering with the minimal waste of time. “Lila SPA” is a magic land, where you can close the door after entering and thus leave all your problems outside. This is a completely new way of treating your personality, your health, mental condition and appearance. Here are new solutions to the problems, which seemed to be insoluble.


There has been a traditional opinion, that a good rest requires much time. And this catches us in a trap: not having much time for rest, we oust it at all. But there is a way out… “Lila SPA`s” direction is the help, which you need for feeling completely the taste of life in all its wonderful details and trifles.




"Lila SPA" will teach you to love your body and your appearance. “Lila SPA” will change your attitude to the world. “Lila SPA” - that means the latest achievements in medicine and cosmetology – thalassotherapy, mud and water cure. SPA procedures and SPA cosmetics are to rid you of tiredness, stresses, marks of time and problems on your face.